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2D Planning

A 2D floor plan is a type of diagram that is crafted to explain the layout of a space or property. Our 2D layout planning shows room layout, walls layout plus fixed installations such as windows , doors, stairs, and furniture. 2D means the floor plan is flat drawing with no perspective or depth


Design of built area layout.

Design of Electrical layout

Design of Sanitary and water supply layout

Bill of Quantity (Estimation)

For AMC's & Commercial 2D planning




Road constructions



For AMC's & Commercial 2D planning

Scope of work

Design of built area layout.

  • The eco-friendly spray will be used for the complete floor area.
  • Interior cleaning of applying herbal gel at kitchen cupboards and every corner of the house. alleys and shelves.
  • Warranty 30 days.
  • Best results in 10days.

Design of Electrical layout.

  • Spray treatment of the entire house with the eco-friendly chemical.
  • Stop the reproducing and biting.
  • Control the bed bugs with professional control techniques
  • 30 days warranty.

Design of Sanitary and water supply layout.

  • Drilling 8mm dia & 6mm dia holes inside the walls & near doors Etc.,
  • Filling insecticides in drilled holes with pressure pump.
  • All holes sealed with white chalk & cement.
  • Warranty 5yrs.

Bill of Quantity (Estimation).

  • Usage of latest Sterilization Technology for high touch areas.
  • Mist Fogging/Spray treatment on surface area to sanitize and disinfect.
  • Micron size droplets cover wider area and effective in dealing with Pathogens.

Key Highlights

Quality Service

Affordable Pricing

Pre and Post work followup

Trained Professionals

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